12 Commercial Office Renovation Ideas for Businesses


In anyone’s mind, the basics of an office are probably fairly boring, industrial, and productivity-focused. Although an office will always be based on the workspace, the design around those areas can boost morale, improve workers’ focus and productivity, and ensure people are excited to come to work in the morning.

Here are commercial office renovation ideas that will make your business blossom:

Idea #1: Knock Down Cubicles

The days of cubicles are long gone. They’re ugly. They break down the interaction between employees. Unless there’s a reason to keep up those walls, knock them down and make workspaces more interactive.

While you want to make sure each worker has their own space, without walls or cubicles, it’s more team-friendly than a more disconnected floor. Be sure to work with commercial construction companies to bring this renovation idea to life.

Idea #2: Acoustic Tiles

If you knock down cubicles, you will be removing a lot of sound dampening material. Install textured acoustic tile to help provide the sound absorption you need to keep a wide, open-concept space useful. These can be hung overhead or elsewhere and will work to deaden sounds that will otherwise be bouncing around the room.

Idea #3: Hide Cables

In the name of time, computers and technology get set up quickly in offices, and clutter from cables isn’t thought of as needing address. They do. They’re unsightly, create clutter, and are trip hazards in the wrong place. The aesthetic of a fun office is lost with cables lying about. During your commercial office renovation, hide cables and cords beneath carpeting, behind wall panels, and cable management snakes.

Idea #4: Use Bold Colors

Some offices hang a few pieces of ‘inspirational artwork’ and call it a day. Don’t. Ignite some excitement with bold colours. Find something that’s playful but professional. A simple, single wall painted or deciding on a two-colour or three-colour pattern to be duplicated across your commercial office can help add some much-needed personality.

Idea #5: Abstract Lighting

Like you will use colour to create something amazing for your commercial office renovation, how you use lighting and what fixtures you choose in your office can do the same. Be sure to appropriate your lighting to the space, ensuring it’s well-lit and kind to the eyes. The more natural light you can get through windows is also a bonus and can be a great mood boost.

Idea #6: Comfort Rooms

In renovating your home office, use comfort as a guide. Have areas for relaxing, such as small nooks and comfortable spaces. The furniture you choose to bring in should also be designed for comfort and communication. Although you don’t want to completely knock down privacy, mostly, you want to have your office workers functioning as a team and comfortable with each other.

Idea #7: Try An Office Garden

Have a small garden space. This is easy to create indoors or outdoors. You can put in plants you like and encourage employees to bring in their own and take ownership of their care. Plants and greenery are known to statistically increase work productivity and reduce anxiety and depression. Find a way to make use of that around the office.

Idea #8: Bring In Natural Materials

Alongside incorporating greenery and plants, you may want to think about using other natural materials in your renovation. Rustic woods. Natural stones. Industrial, worn metals. Many decorative textures and materials can be used in an office space to make it professional and interesting and avoid anything boring.

Idea #9: Flexible, Open Meeting Areas

Every commercial office will have a meeting space or a conference room. A renovation is a time to open up the space. If you still want privacy, use clear panes of glass. If a more flexible space is needed, duplicate your open-concept workstations and make things completely open. These sorts of shared spaces don’t have to be so isolated.

Idea #10: Innovative, Playful Design

Planning out a commercial renovation, think of ways to bring in furnishings and break up the monotony that can sometimes exist in larger spaces. Partitions and Panels are something. Consider using décor and items to form patterns and rhythms in the office. These rhythms can imply where to walk, where to gather, where to lounge, and where to focus. Playfulness can be professional.

Idea #11: Dynamic Spaces

In commercial office renovations, it can seem formulaic, but you don’t have to be. A dynamic renovation can include interesting shapes, textures, and colours. Consider user-friendly, stylish ways to form your commercial space in a way that is casual and exciting, keeping in modern perspective trends and what your workforce will need personally and professionally to do their best work.

Idea #12: Allow For Games In The Break Room

A game or two can help bring a little fun into the office. A ping pong table, pool table, chess, checkers, and simple board games prioritize interaction between employees during off-clock hours.


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