7 Beautiful Hairstyles for Working Women


Being a working woman, especially a working mother, means rushed mornings. Your hairstyle usually becomes your last priority when you have to get your kids ready for school while juggling household tasks and getting yourself ready for work. Unwashed hair or a messy bun? Some mornings, it’ll have to do.

While being a working woman might mean you have limited time to do your hair in the morning before you run out the door for your commute, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a less-than-appealing and underwhelming hairstyle. You can work and have great hair simultaneously. You only need a list of practical and easy yet beautiful hairstyles you can create in minutes.

1. The Half-Do

Half-dos has a lot going for them: They’re easy, quick, and versatile. If you’re tired of whipping your hair into a high bun or plain ponytail while you’re behind the wheel in the morning, take a few minutes to try a half-do.

Just brush half your hair into a mid-ponytail and tie it back. Use a moisturizing cream from a hair salon to tame your flyaways and create a sleek look. Bonus points for using a stand-out scrunchie or other statement hairband to complete the look.

2. The Half Braid

Take your half-do to the next level with a half-braid. Like the half-do, this hairstyle will have half your hair up and half of it down. This time, you’ll use braids to tie up the top half of your hair.

Make a braid using hair above your ear on the left side of your head. Then, do the same thing on the right side. Connect both braids down the back of your hair and secure them with hair pins.

If you have extra time one morning, try using French braids instead for a truly inspired and impressive hairstyle.

3. The Chignon

The chignon is ever-elegant yet super easy to make in a few minutes. Think of it as a fancy low bun, if you will. All you have to do is make a low ponytail, then loop the ponytail through the ponytail several times. Pass all your hair through the hairband, then secure the low bun with bobby pins. You’ll be ready for that working lunch or big meeting in no time.

4. Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail is easy yet far more interesting than a plain ponytail. It barely takes any additional time in the morning, either. It’s a great option for working women with long hair.

Just make a ponytail like you usually would. Leave about an inch of hair under your first hairband, then add another. Pull the hair between the two hair bands a bit with your hands to make a type of hair bubble. Leave another inch of hair, then add another hairband. Make a bubble again. Continue adding hairbands down the ponytail until complete.

5. Hair Bow Ponytail

If you love the classic low pony but want to take it to the next level, consider the ever-stylish hair bow ponytail.

Here’s what you do: Tie your hair down low, just above your neck. Then, wrap around a thin piece of your hair over the hairband. Next, take a piece of hair from the left side of your ponytail and loop it horizontally and oval.

Wrap a piece of hair from the right side of your ponytail around the first loop. You should see your hair take the shape of a bow. Pull out your hair to make the bow larger, if you prefer. Secure the bow with a hairpin.

6. Braided Scarf Bun

This is the hairstyle for you if you love accessories. Using a scarf can add a lively dash of colour and style to your hairstyle, making it immediately stand out in the workplace.

The braided scarf bun is easy to make and combines three simple styles: the braid, the hair scarf, and the bun. You can make it all your own by adding your flair – choose a bright summer scarf, a graphic scarf, or a dark scarf if you have light hair, and let your personality shine.

Make a ponytail, and tie your scarf around the hairband. While you could stop here and go to work, you can elevate the scarf ponytail by making a braid next: Divide the ponytail into three sections, and, while overlapping the sections to make the braid, work in the scarf during the overlapping motions.

Use another elastic to fix the braid, then switch the braid around the top elastic to make a braided bun. Secure it with a hairpin.

7. No-Heat Curls

Try no-heat curls for easy curls that take zero time in the morning. All the work takes place the night before. After your evening shower, brush and part your damp hair in two sections on your head’s left and right sides.

Tie a tight braid down both sides and let your hair dry naturally overnight. When you wake up, remove the hair bands and unbraid your hair. Create natural-looking waves by running your fingers through your hair.


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