7 Best Living Room and Office Ideas for Home Entrepreneurs


When one thinks of conventional living, the home is where the heart is. Whether we settle down in a condo or a detached dwelling, this is where we choose to unwind. How we think about our living arrangements has been modified as time has passed. Take, for example, how our working environment has changed to meet new standards.

In some cases, many professionals may choose to work from home. Should this be the case for you, a home office may be needed for your working arrangement. However, since having a separate room for an office may be out of the question, your living room may still suffice.

Here are seven best living room and office ideas for home entrepreneurs:

Idea #1: Designated Living Room and Office Areas

Your living room layout should represent specific zones in the space. There could be the primary space for unwinding for the day and watching movies with loved ones. Another zone in the living room can be the space where you get down to business. This designated area will be key, as it requires you to be at your most productive.

Ensure enough space between its zone and others to make your office stand out. That way, you mitigate distractions as much as possible so that productivity isn’t impeded. Down the line, you can rearrange this zone to your liking; your tastes are bound to change!

Idea #2: Furniture Layout

Sometimes, having designated zones in your living room may not be possible. You need to reassess the layout, whether it is due to limited space or just a quirky setup. This is especially true when it arranges your furniture.

In many cases, placing your home office desk behind the sofa can result in a unique setup. With a bit of creativity, you can arrange your living room furniture sets stylishly and efficiently.

Idea #3: The Desk

Any home office will require some essentials to get through the workday. As a result, you will need a desk that is both sturdy, as well as functional. Since this desk will be placed inside the living room, start by ensuring its dimensions suit the setting. The next part of the process will be prioritizing its functions.

For example, your desk should have drawers to store the most important items. However, you do not need to stress about not having enough storage on the desk itself. Since it will be in the living room, having a dedicated filing cabinet nearby will work in your favour. Then, the living room can be transformed to support the makeshift office!

Idea #4: Lighting

Mixing your home office into your living room necessitates you to think outside the box in a way. Since it can be seen as a space within a space, you want to ensure everything is visible. So, the need for adequate lighting becomes even more important. Thankfully, you have an abundance of techniques to implement here.

Many living rooms will already have overhead lighting installed in some fashion. However, since you may require a secondary source, invest in some lamps. A standing lamp could work best for your needs; position this next to your desk for the best results. Lighting strips could also work incredibly well, should the need arise for them.

Idea #5: Universal Theme

You should use a specific theme inside the space to ensure a standard set. Usually, your theme should neatly incorporate colours and lighting. A home office must look like it blends in within its space. So, shoot for neutral tones initially.

Shades and hues that are white, black, or in between will work the best in this particular scenario. Then, once the walls are of a certain colour and the furniture matches, your space will look complete. Of course, you are encouraged to experiment with this now and again once you can do so.

Idea #6: Space

There also needs to be enough space throughout the layout of your living room and office. The natural flow of movement can quickly become an obstacle if things are too tight-knit. Ensure there is a foot of space in between every item, and you will be good to go.

Idea #7: Personalization

Do not forget to customize your living room and office as much as possible. While it is ideal to use less to create more, the impact of a personal touch is simply undeniable. Using your walls as a base for pictures, for instance, can allow for a more familial impact to be experienced!


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