How Airline Companies Can Stay Cost-Efficient With Aircraft Maintenance Software


Scheduling repairs and advanced maintenance of precision equipment is a skill human beings have improved dramatically over the years. Since the industrial revolution, the need to keep machinery both protected and operational has been of paramount importance in nearly every area of the economy. The spare parts industry alone requires development of considerable expertise and institutional knowledge. All of these considerations are part of the process of developing cost-effective and powerful Aircraft Maintenance Software.


Large-Scale Scheduling

One of the things computers excel at is scheduling. The reason for this is found in the design of modern microprocessors. Every computer “chip” operates on the basic functions of its clock. The circuitry that drives its ability to access memory, perform logical calculations in the correct order and regulate the operation of various peripheral devices, including drives and video displays is the primary means by which a central processing unit or CPU can do what computer users require.

Taking this basic model and applying it to a large scale mechanism where perhaps many thousands of parts need to be checked in an exacting schedule isn’t as complex as it might seem. Ultimately it is only a problem of high volume scheduling and maintaining complete lists.


Regulatory Considerations

One of the original custom software applications was designed to untangle the complex regulations surrounding sales tax in the United States. With as many as ten thousand jurisdictions each with their own rates and exclusions, the challenge of knowing whom to pay and how much became unwieldy for individual businesses.

Aircraft maintenance is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. In addition to knowing when a part might need replacement, a maintenance engineer also needs to know when a part is allowed to be replaced, or, more importantly, if a part is required by law to be replaced.

When one considers the number of parts issue in a modern aircraft is easily two or three orders of magnitude greater than the number of American sales tax jurisdictions, it isn’t surprising using software to solve the harder problem is a popular choice.


Flight Dynamics

If an aircraft is not performing properly, Aircraft Maintenance Software can be a crucial tool in studying and diagnosing the problem. Any technical process that evaluates the airworthiness of an aircraft can even be integrated with a maintenance system to pinpoint the parts of both the mechanism and air frame that might be responsible. This can be a gargantuan time and money saver when a performance problem might have multiple causes.

Software is by no means the answer to every problem, but when computers are put to use doing what computers are best at, and humans are invited to do what they are best at, the results are often very reliable and accurate.


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