How to Get Your First Client in Real Estate


The world of real estate is constantly evolving, with each dynamic moving at a constant pace. If you are a veteran of the industry, you will know firsthand how this rings true. For those just starting, it might be bewildering to find that the pace of learning is somewhat challenging.

This sentiment then goes double for those trying their best to find a first client. The first deal that you close in real estate is a gratifying experience. However, locating this individual, or individuals, and having them place their trust in you is a different ball game. You will need to put in work to secure your first client in real estate.

Here is a guide on how to get your first client in real estate:

Highlight Your Real Estate Skills

Having the right documents behind is important when going through the job application process. These can range, depending on the job you are vying for. However, having your cover letter and resume up-to-date will be vital when it comes to most. Don’t just think that you are done with this after getting a job in real estate.

You will need to have the skills on your resume highlighted visibly, for starters. Having LinkedIn and other social media platforms will be crucial so that potential clients can find you. Then, be sure to highlight any soft skills you possess so that your interactions will reflect your stated word!

Research Real Estate

Networking and having others vouch for you can only go so far in real estate. That is why you need to do your research to know what you are vying for. Research is pivotal for more than just the obvious reasons; it involves locating leads and trends. You would be surprised to find just how important market trends can be.

Knowing how the dynamics work in your real estate niche can be much easier to reach out to clients. Clients want to work with someone who knows what they are talking about. By preparing yourself according to your research, you will eventually find your break.

Create a Real Estate Database

Starting in your field may mean that you have a ton of other things to do in the hours that are allotted. However, you may soon come to find that it is almost impossible to stay organized with this. To stay on the safe side of things, it is highly recommended to create a boilerplate database to stay as organized as you can. This database is already integrated in real estate CRM technology, offered by leading companies like IXACT Contact.

Ensure that all leads are recorded in this database and include client information, such as emails. Then, make sure you fire off your emails to every client in your database to interact with them. Sooner or later, you are bound to have someone reach back out to you. At this point, you can then make the push to do business with them.

Social Media Marketing

As mentioned previously, brushing up on your skills is important for marketing purposes. However, you also have various digital tools to assist you in this endeavour. Case in point, it is vital for you to use social media to your advantage. If you are savvy in this approach, you do not need to be on every platform.

Rather, pick a couple, and make sure the content is as consistent as possible. Younger demographics flock towards content creators that educate and come across as fun. You are guaranteed to find your first client to work with by doing this consistently!

Real Estate Collaboration

Newer real estate agents may, at some point, become frustrated since their solo approach is not working. If you work in a brokerage, it might be time to consider going under the wing of a veteran agent. Since these professionals have a wealth of experience, you could learn invaluable lessons on the go.

Furthermore, these lessons will then translate to notoriety for your own goals. Never underestimate your ability to expand your reach by working with someone else. Plus, most of your colleagues will go to bat for you if they want you to get your very first client. It is a team-based effort in this regard.

Real estate is quickly becoming quite a crowded market, as fun as it may seem. To stand out and inevitably find your first client, it is recommended to pick a specialty. Many professionals starting in the industry will then find clients much quicker. No matter what route you choose, be sure to stay patient, and clients will then flock to you!


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