How to Plan a Corporate Event Professionally


When a company wants to reward employees or celebrate changes and milestones, they put on a corporate event. It is an occasion for both employees, owners and even customers where there is food and drink, speakers and even entertainment.

Are you thinking of putting on a social affair for your business? Don’t know how to get started? Let’s layout how to plan a corporate event.

Event Objective

You need to have a reason for this event and the desired outcome. Are you launching a new product or celebrating a sales milestone? Know what your main goal is and how you want to honour it.

Events need to be well planned and have a structure, so it’s more than just a party. You want to make it memorable and increase morale while communicating valuable information.

Event Budget

This is a good place to start because knowing how much you are spending will dictate everything else. You need to factor in all your costs and add a 10-15% buffer for overruns. There are always additional, unforeseen expenses, so preparation is the key. Once you establish the budget, stick to it.

Event Theme

There are many options for hosting an event like this, and you need to make key decisions on the day’s structure. Is your plan a sit-down dinner or appetizers? Are you providing alcohol, or is it an outdoor family event? Are there just static presentations, or do you want to immerse your guests in an interactive experience?

Deciding the vision of your event will make it easier to plan out because you have direction and focus on what you want. Give your guests a great experience and allow them to let loose a bit. Remember, this isn’t like going to work, and it’s a celebration.

Event Venue

Your budget will help you decide on the place you pick for your event, but there are still several options. You need a big enough space for the crowd’s size and a dining area, stage, and mingling area.

Check out several places in your area and ask lots of questions. Things you need to know:

  • Parking
  • Catering options
  • Event permits
  • Noise bylaws
  • When you need to be out

Some places require you to be out the same night, while other venues have everything taken care of, including cleanup. Decide what is best for your event.

Event Furniture Rentals

You may be holding your event at a venue that doesn’t supply tables and chairs or outside your location. You will need to organize furniture for the occasion. Renting makes good sense because it is for one-time use, and you can have upscale pieces that fit the theme.

Needed is standard seating for presentations and seminars and for watching entertainment. Other lounge seating with chairs and couches works well for intimate gatherings and socializing. Desks and folding tables are a must for any presentation material and sit-down dining, and you may also need bar tables and chairs for enjoying cocktails.

Find a company like Executive Furniture Rentals, with a wide selection of furniture and the capacity to supply what you need. You also want them to be able to deliver and pick up the rental furniture before and after your event.

Event Catering

Food is always a big part of a gathering, and a corporate event is no different. If you want to keep people happy, feed them.

Pick some caters and visit them for a tasting to sample their menu. If it’s just cocktails, they need to have tasty appetizers and hot hors d’oeuvresd’oeuvres, but if it is dinner, decide if you want a buffet or a plated, sit-down meal. You may just want lunch food like sandwiches and salads for a picnic-style event.

Event Entertainment

This is an option if you want, and it could be a motivational speaker, a comedian, a live band or a DJ. Pick based on your budget and the type of crowd you have coming, so it is pleasing for everyone.

Event Schedule

Most corporate events will structure what happens during the day or evening. This keeps things moving and people engaged in the event. It also helps with hosting and with the caterer and entertainment. You can print up a schedule or post it around the venue, so everyone knows what is happening. This also saves a lot of questions coming your way.

Now you are ready to invite your guests and have your big day. Your corporate event will successfully create lasting series with staff and clients alike by following these steps. There will be mishaps because nothing goes completely perfect, but you can avoid most issues by following your plan and having a great time.


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