How to Scale Your eCommerce Business


Many existing entrepreneurs and new business owners are leaping into the digital world. While it is exciting, this new e-commerce vehicle takes some getting used to, and while the rules of brick and mortar still apply to sales and marketing, online businesses compete globally.

Do you have an e-commerce site that is not getting much traction? It can be tough, but with some strategic maneuvers and a little know-how, you can rise above your www. competitors.

This is how to scale your e-commerce business.

1. Make Sure Your Website Is Dynamic

We’ve all been to 100s websites, and you know the best ones. They have lots of content with vibrant pictures and make you want to stay and shop. To increase your sales volume, you need to get visitors to buy.

Make sure there is compelling content, especially on the landing page. This is where you want your best sellers. Have easy links to all product pages and lots of pictures and videos.

Ensure there is a checkout button in clear view and incentives to buy, plus a hot selling items section and discount codes to use. You want every visitor to purchase, so give them multiple reasons.

2. Fulfillment Services

It is hard to run a business online because you have to worry about how your site is running and need to buy inventory, store it, package it, ship it and handle any returns or broken items afterwards. It can be overwhelming, and nothing gets done effectively when you have too much in your place. Why not take some of the burdens away by using ecommerce fulfillment services?

There are great companies that will handle all the logistics for you. They are equipped with inventory management systems and process your orders so all products get shipped to your customers online and handled professionally.

This third-party logistics idea frees you up to do what you do best in business by not getting bogged down with fulfillment, and you and your staff can put your efforts towards building the business and scaling the e-commerce site.

3. Start a Digital Marketing Campaign

Now that your e-commerce website has been optimized and ready for customers, you must drive traffic there. Here are some key marketing tips to have a successful campaign:

Email Campaign

Initiate an email campaign that is automated from customer info you’ve collected. Send a weekly newsletter with great content and a call to action. This is an effective way for people to follow a link to your site.

Existing Customers

Harness the power of existing customers through a loyalty program with incentives and discounts for return customers and a referral program where they recommend you to their peer group.


SEO is a great way to appear in searches on various search engines and platforms. Ensure to include relevant keywords and phrases in all your content on your site, including the title page, articles, H1 text and even your page title and URL.

Mobile Devices

Optimize for mobile devices because this is how people shop now. They always have their smartphones with them, outpacing computers for online shopping.

4. Harness Social Media For Building Your Brand

To scale your e-commerce business, your brand needs to get maximum exposure. In a crowded market, the best way to reach people and gain recognition is by meeting them where they interact online. This is on the popular social media platforms.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok are where your customers are; you need to gain attention there now. Get in on the conversation and provide good information before you try and sell them or link them back to your site. Make exciting and informative content for YT and TikTok to attract people and build your brand.

Building recognition is how to increase your e-commerce business because people want to shop at popular places. Become the authority and expert in your field and provide excellent service.

5. Enhance Your Customer Service

As great as your products are on your site, what keeps people satisfied and repeating business is your customer service. It takes more time for customers to purchase online because they can’t hold the items in their hands like at a brick-and-mortar business. They need support to help them make the purchase, and you must provide it.

Make sure you have the ability for customers to reach support agents and live chats through your site. Have customer comments on all products you sell and respond to them quickly. A FAQ section is vital, and a product page for reviews allows customers to interact with you in their way. When you give excellent customer service, your e-commerce site will spread like wildfire through word of mouth, with people talking face to face and across all social media platforms.

This is how to scale your e-commerce business. You have full control of your business, so implement these strategies and watch your brand rise above the competition.


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