Top 5 Tips for Saving Money on Drain Repair


Water bills can cause a serious dent in your bank account. You can save dollars by avoiding the plumber Toronto by observing simple yet highly effective tips. While the following tricks keep your utility expenditure down, they ensure safety and comfort of your home. Observe these to preserve the high value of your kitchen, bathroom and the entire house.

  1. Do DIY drain repair at home

Who said that you must always call a plumbing company to fix all water issues at home? Thanks to information from the internet and elsewhere, you can do the job yourself. YouTube is today full of practical videos and guides on drain repair. Additionally, blogs and websites publish free information every day. Take advantage of these resources to repair, replace or service your drain at little or no cost at all. After all, most appliances and fixtures come with instructional manuals that are easy to read and follow.

  1. Do not flush waste down the drain

Are you washing dishes or doing laundry? You should know that the biggest reason why drains need repair is the flushing of solid waste alongside wastewater. Consider installing a wastewater filter at strategic points of the drains. This keeps food particles, soil, hair, leaves and other organic waste from going down the drain. Empty the sieve daily and ensure that it is in proper working order at all times.

  1. Check leaks and cracks regularly

The effort to save money on drain repair must be deliberate. Every once in a while, fold your sleeves and get your hands dirty by cleaning bathroom and kitchen drains. Fatty food remains are among the commonest causes of blockages. Pour boiling water to melt the fat deposits and clear the drain. Alternatively, consider mixing a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar in clean water. These agents dissolve waste in no time. While you can carry out DIY works for simple tasks, call a plumber for commercial and complex residential drains.

  1. Listen to suspicious sounds

Does your drain make strange noises when you pour wastewater? This is an indication of something amiss. You might not know the cause of these sounds, so the services of a drain repair plumber come in handy. Find a plumber who can come to your attention fast, and ensure he has solid experience in repairing the type of plumbing in your house. More importantly, keep a track of when and where these sounds are heard.

  1. Turn off water

This tip might sound like a no-brainer, but it is the single commonest reason for increased water bills. Be alert to turn off the tap just when the cup or pail is filled. Install a tap system that shuts water immediately without causing unnecessary pressure, which in turn leads to spillages. Educate your kids and other home occupants to close taps every time they brush teeth, cook, wash dishes, take showers and do laundry. More importantly, ensure installations are weatherproof so they can withstand hot summers and cold winters alike.


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