5 Benefits of Professional Document Destruction Services


In-house document shredding is a cumbersome, costly and risk-laden process, which is why it’s better to have your documents professionally destroyed. There are several options to professional paper shredding services, each of which is tailored to suit different business needs. To help you understand why many companies choose to have their documents destroyed on-site, here are the top five benefits.

1. Time and cost savings

On-site paper shredding services can save you a considerable amount of time and money. If you choose this option, experienced, well-trained technicians will arrive in a mobile paper shredding truck capable of destroying hundreds of pounds of paper in a fraction of the time you’d need to destroy the same amount of documents in-house. Aside from eliminating the cost of purchasing, operating and maintaining an office shredder, professional on-site document shredding services can save you a lot of valuable employee time. Instead of standing over a shredder for extended periods, your employees can focus their time on revenue generation. You may find the information and resources available at Shred-it to be very useful.

2. Disposal verification

Professional on-site document shredding companies guarantee proper and verified disposal. You can watch as background-screened and bonded technicians collect your documents and take them to the mobile shredding truck for destruction. As your documents are being destroyed, a closed-circuit monitor allows you to witness the entire process in real time.

3. Privacy protection

Companies can help protect and uphold the privacy of their clients and employees by ensuring any sensitive document that contains financial information, employee records, and client data does not fall into the wrong hands. On-site document destruction means none of the confidential documents that must be destroyed will leave your business premises. On-site paper shredding service providers must follow a strict chain of custody to ensure secure destruction. For starters, you will have locked shredding consoles placed in your office, ensuring your sensitive documents cannot be removed. Secondly, the entire shredding process, including disposal and recycling, will be documented. As an added security measure, the contents of these consoles will be collected and shredded at your business premises as needed or on a scheduled basis.

4. Environmental stewardship

On-site paper shredding services can help you combine privacy protection with environmental sustainability, particularly if you choose a provider that recycles every shredded material. Many of the reputable service providers will bale the shredded material before sending it to a trusted recycling partner.

5. Legal compliance

Your company’s privacy-protection and records-retention practices can come into question. In such a case, you can eliminate or reduce your liability by providing proof that you practised proper document destruction. Every time you have your files shredded, professional on-site shredding service providers will offer a certificate of destruction detailing the time and method of destruction as well as the type of data destroyed. This document is proof of compliance with every applicable regulation.


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