How to Save Money and Build Teamwork


Most managers know about corporate event planners, but many don’t consider the wide range of services they can offer. While corporate retreats are great events employees look forward to, corporate event planners can also provide a number of less common services that can build teamwork and even save your company money. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Take Advantage of Incentive Packages

Travel companies use incentives to engender customer loyalty, and these plans are great for standard company travel purposes. However, event planners can also use these incentive travel packages to save your company money while providing enriching and helpful events for your employees. While these incentive plans won’t cover the entire cost of travel, they can let you reward your employees for their hard work by providing a company-paid vacation to a nice destination.

Team-Building Through Local Sports

While employees likely have differing views regarding most topics, there is one topic most are likely to find some commonality on: sports. Event planners can help you coordinate company-sponsored trips to sporting events, andsports travel packages can be great for getting everyone on the same page. While this is great fun for major teams, your company can also consider a sponsorship deal for local teams as well, potentially creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Continuing Education

Studies show that companies that invest in their employees’ education reap long-term benefits, but busy employees are sometimes reluctant to take advantages of these offers. One way to encourage employees to take advantage of company-provided educational opportunities is to offer incentives. These incentives don’t have to be especially expensive; a weekend activity, for example, might be enough to encourage a reluctant employee. Professional event planning can help you arrange a fun and encourage reward.

Volunteer Work

Many people are attracted to the idea of volunteering but aren’t sure where to start. Your company can provide a great opportunity that encourages employees to take the first steps together. Company-sponsored volunteer work is great advertising, and employees might be more willing to donate their time if they’ll be working alongside their coworkers. Event planning can also help here, as you’ll want to offer a bit of a reward to those who donate some time.

Team-building has been proven to lead to better productivity in the office, and experienced managers know that camaraderie can make the office a more pleasant place to work for everyone. By talking with an event planner and finding fun ways to reward your employees, you can go a long way toward making the office a place your employees love spending time.


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