What Is the Definition of a Good Security Guard?


The field of law enforcement is broad, as it is diverse. If you choose to pursue a career here, you will find various professions that you can be a part of. Going the route of becoming a police officer remains as popular as ever. There are so many tasks to protect the public you belong to.

For those who want to look for alternative pathways in safety, why not become a security guard? These professionals are just as important as ever, as they are known for securing a location that they are in. However, there are important details to know about for those who want to be a good security guard.

Here are seven qualities that shape the definition of a good security guard:

1. Communication

Above all else, a good security guard needs to know how to communicate effectively. Normally, this means that they should know how to respond to requests from their team in the office. This can come from following up on a citizen’s inquiry on a certain area within their jurisdiction.

More often than not, however, communicating efficiently means that knowing how to respond to public situations is vital. These can come in various ways, all of which will require the guard’s attention. Knowing how and when to respond directly will separate you from the pack!

2. Paying attention

Communication can be seen as the bare minimum for defining a good security guard. On the other hand, sometimes, minor details in a location prove to be more important than expected. That is why security guards must always take the time to look at the little things.

They will figure out the best way to solve a potential problem by paying attention to these details. For example, a security guard may be working at a nightclub, where patrons could become an issue. By keeping a close eye on those who are handling more than their fair share of liquor, an issue can be handled before getting out of hand.

3. Specialized Training

Becoming your standard security guard can be a relatively simple affair. All it takes is passing some exams and acquiring your security guard license, and you will be well on your way. However, good security guards are always looking to improve their training.

In this regard, they may take specialized training in various fields to upgrade their core competencies. Not only is this a huge assist to their training, but it can open quite a several doors as well. No matter what area you are working in, the need for a good security guard will never falter!

4. Tech-Savvy

Nowadays, modern urban centres need to be equipped with advanced technology. This allows them to be kept safe at all times since security is always of the utmost concern. Security guards who want to be elevated to the next level need to become knowledgeable in this aspect too.

It is much more than just knowing how to monitor a CCTV system behind the counter. Rather, knowing how to operate newer alarm systems when the time is right. Good security guards are knowledgeable in every aspect, especially when it comes to modern tech.

5. Teamwork Efficient

Depending on the venue being worked at, security guards may work alone or in shifts. They will be working with other professionals of the same stripes for bigger venues and events. This is where teamwork is maximized since good security guards will always watch each other’s backs!

6. Staying Organized

Another key aspect of a good security guard is staying as present in their organization as possible. The last thing any security guard wants is to misread a situation or not know where their documents or devices are. This professional will always be on their toes and ready for any situation due to their ability to stay on top of things.

7. Prioritizing Customer Service

Many of us may think of security guards as professionals who just stand and watch their surroundings. However, this is not the case; a security guard’s responsibilities vary. Take the shopping mall, for instance, in which you will find several guards present.

These professionals also act as great customer service representatives since they can assist citizens in varied ways. If you happen to become lost at a said shopping mall, a security guard will be able to help out. Or, they can assist you in several other manners as well, such as being escorted to your car at night.


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