12 Cute Packaging Ideas for Small Business


Packaging for a small business is not a detail to be overlooked. It’s an important detail and an extension of the product and brand. Cute, trendy packaging can attract customers, build a reputation, and get people excited about seeing you.

If you’ve invested time in designing the look of your product, treat your packaging with the same approach. You can use packaging wisely to create the right presentation. Here are 12 cute packaging ideas for small business and companies:

Idea #1: Bright Colors

There are many ways to take packaging like boxes, bags, pouches, bottles, or otherwise, and brand them with an eye-catching colour palette. Every customization you make to a general packaging design can come at a cost. Colour is to look at when weighing cute packaging ideas and the expense.

Idea #2: Choose a Shape

The right shape for packaging is going to make your product look appealing. Still, it’s also got to fit easily on shelves or in displays, which isn’t costly to produce and maximizes transportation or storage space. You don’t want to get too crazy with how your packaging is shaped, but you want it to fit your category, customers, and product.

Idea #3: Cute Accessories

Cute packaging can take something plain like a bag or box and dress it up with accessories. Ribbon, bows, or string to put it together. Like Amazon does for its packaging, a branded sticker to brand your packaging. You can use tags, clothing pins, clips, or inexpensive ways to accessorize packaging. Another cute packaging idea for small business is custom tape, which adds a touch of personalization.

Idea #4: Fun Extras

There are ways to accessorize the outside of your packaging, and then there are fun extras, including things like cards, stickers, and confetti. You can add these to your product and make your packaging pop. Try to find little things that are inexpensive to procure, which could add to the experience of opening up your product.

Idea #5: Reusability

Try incorporating something reusable in the packaging, such as reusable canvas bags. This promotes your brand beyond the initial opening of the packaging and is an eco-friendly way to spread logo-adorned swag. To this point, you want to ensure you source the materials in an environmentally-friendly way.

Idea #6: Your Story

Especially if you’re a new brand, it doesn’t hurt to include a little bit about your story on the packaging or a small card inside the packaging. You can do this for your product by sharing the story of where the materials came from, its eco-friendliness, how the product was made, and encouraging the consumer to follow you on social media.

Idea #7: Opening/Resealing

How packaging opens and reseals can be a huge factor in a product’s usability. You may not need resealability to be a factor, but there are many unique ways to open packaging, from utilizing covers to a box-within-a-box, slide-outs, fold-in or fold-out, etc. Speak to your packaging representative if you are looking at customizing the open feature to your packaging.

Idea #8: Different Materials

Think of ways to use different materials in your primary or secondary packaging to make your product more imaginative. You can use very cheap packaging materials to develop something interesting. You want your customer to know, upon unboxing, that they’re looking at something one-of-a-kind, cute, and worth their money.

Idea #9: Textures

Consider the benefits of using texture in your packaging. It doesn’t have to cover the whole. Simplicity is key. A single card or wall that’s textured can generate a positive psychological response and create interest in your packaging. The texture is often used for premium brands and products. It applies across the board to many different product categories.

Idea #10: Separators

When a product has multiple pieces or can be split up into different components, your packaging may incorporate separators inside its box or individualized pouches. Separators in packaging can increase the appeal of the unboxing and help avoid making a total mess of everything inside. It’s a smart move for products that need to be assembled in any way.

Idea #11: Hand-Painted

Perfect for secondary packaging or using craft paper, hand-painted images, or abstract patterns can give a personalized, human feel to your small business packaging type. This also applies to custom wrapping paper if you go that route. Even a few brush strokes or paint splatters can add to the unique feel. Hand-painting isn’t as time-consuming as one might think. It can be an optimum strategy to build a connection from a start-up direct to its clientele.

Idea #12: Go Seasonal

Every quarter, there’s a holiday. Especially if you’re building discounts and promotions around holidays and seasons, go seasonal with your packaging. St. Valentine’s Day. Spring. Easter. Summer. Autumn. Halloween. Christmas and the holidays. The product doesn’t need to change. Customizing your packaging can be very cheap and done by changing the colours or the accessories, such as ribbon, stickers, and the like.


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