14 Different Gift Basket Ideas for Coworkers


Corporate gift baskets are a fun and popular way to show clients, employees, and customers appreciation. But what if you want to put together a gift basket for coworkers? For coworkers, holiday gift baskets aren’t necessarily going to pull from the same types of items as a basket customized to a client.

The best gift basket ideas for coworkers will bring your office connections closer. Here are fourteen different gift basket ideas for coworkers:

Gift Basket Idea #1: Small Cookie Tin

A small cookie tin is a welcome holiday gift that works for birthdays and any special occasion. A high-quality tin can also be reused later for a range of things. Until then, they’ve got a nice assortment of cookies to enjoy.

Gift Basket Idea #2: Small Desk Calendar

Try to find a small desk calendar with a theme that the other person likes, i.e. music, their favourite television program, or a hobby. These corporate gift baskets can be bought from any calendar store or shopped for online. They don’t need to be used in the office or at work.

Gift Basket Idea #3: Handwritten Note

A handwritten note or a handwritten card of appreciation will mean a lot. For a lot of people, especially in a work environment, this is a way to acknowledge someone’s hard work, whether they’re your coworker or at another level in the company than you.

Gift Basket Idea #4: Gift for Coworkers’ Pet

If a coworker has previously spoken about a pet they own, and you know they have a pet, buying dog treats, a squeaky toy, or pet-themed gifts is another way to personalize your coworker’s gift basket to the person.

Gift Basket Idea #5: High-Quality Thermos

Especially if you know a coworker is doing a daily commute, having a thermos to bring their coffee, tea, or other beverage can help make a work day all the more pleasant. There is a range of thermoses, some better than others. Try to find one that matches their personality.

Gift Basket Idea #6: Premium Office Accessories

If a coworker regularly uses a specific office accessory, why not give them a bit of an upgrade? Many premium-grade office accessories include a la pens, staplers, paper clips, highlighters, tape, markers, and more. Don’t rely on these too much because they can make a gift basket feel too ‘business-esque,’ but one or two can help fill out a basket.

Gift Basket Idea #7: Bottle Of Wine

Although not all your coworkers may drink, if you know you’re buying for a person who does, purchasing a nice bottle of wine is a nice show of appreciation. It will leave a lasting impression and show gratitude very luxuriously. It’s a nice way to indulge.

Gift Basket Idea #8: Starbucks Gift Card

Throwing in a gift card is not a bad idea with a coworker’s gift basket. Starbucks is almost a guaranteed winner. Even if someone isn’t a coffee drinker, they have excellent teas, snacks, sandwiches, and hot chocolates that can be enjoyed.

Gift Basket Idea #9: Meal Delivery Gift Card

There are lots of meal delivery services out there. A gift card to your favourite meal delivery service or a local restaurant may be a nice way to introduce a coworker to a different way of eating. However, you have to know a bit about their dietary preferences.

Gift Basket Idea #10: Small Plant Or Seeds

A small plant is an excellent addition to anyone’s cubicle or desk. If you don’t want to put a plant inside a gift basket, some seeds or a grow-your-own-plant item will communicate the same. A faux plant may even be worth entertaining sometimes, although a real plant is a little more exciting.

Gift Basket Idea #11: Free Movie Tickets

Add some free event tickets, such as a free movie, to your coworker’s gift basket. Movies aren’t restricted in terms of taste, so you know there’s a film for everyone. There may be other local attractions and events that you can get tickets for that would be appropriate for the coworker you have in mind.

Gift Basket Idea #12: Coworkers’ Favourite Books

A book or two that you know the other person hasn’t read or might be interested in may be a great gift for a coworker. Make sure they’re a reader first. If they aren’t, rely on their hobbies or interests to help guide them toward the right type of books, magazines, or reading material that might be right for them.

Gift Basket Idea #13: Premium-Quality Socks

Although a coworker’s gift basket is not the place to be, including a lot of clothing, socks are a fairly safe bet, especially if it’s for a guy. A nice, high-quality pair of socks that cost a few extra dollars is sure to get worn and will help you maximize the impact of your collective gifts.

Gift Basket Idea #14: Organic Food Treats

Although every person has their diet and lifestyle preferences, some organic foods you can rely on are fairly adaptive to almost any diet. Spreads like honey and jam work. Granola and nuts work. Anything with fresh fruit and veggies is a smart bet as well. There are lots of creative companies making all sorts of luxurious organic foods.


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