3 Ways Big Data Can Benefit Your Small Business


Just like large businesses and multinational corporations, small business owners can also wield the right tools in order to start realizing the benefits of Big Data insights. The insights generated from offline or online based data can be very helpful in enhancing decision-making processes, thus boost productivity. In fact, the big data definition confuses small business owners because most of them think the datasets of their small business have to be really that big to deserve big data analytics. Therefore, you don’t have to invest a big budget so as to implement the Big Data analytics in your business’ operations. All you need is to undergo affordable big data courses on online platforms and you’re good to go! Here are ways you can utilize big data to boost your business’s performance.

1) Sales optimization

Optimizing sales in any business can require sales teams to scrutinize massive spreadsheets, emails, and customer surveys in order to come up with workable marketing strategies. But a big data certification or hiring an expert that has earned big data expertise from a reputable big data university, you can be guaranteed that these operations will be highly fast-tracked. The analysis of the data in an efficient way will help you know what is working and what is not so as to channel your resources towards practical strategies that will boost your ROI. In other words, the calculations and analysis necessary for turning enormous data into actionable sales intelligence is minimized, and thus you’ll get credible sales trends and forecasts, that create must-win opportunities.

2) Website marketing

Utilizing a tool like Google Analytics can be very resourceful in providing you with vital information about your customers’ locations, the devices they’re using to browse your business site, the search keywords they often used and what they clicked on when they visited your site. Understanding these shopping trends and behavioral patterns will help you in customizing your site to satisfy your customers’ expectations. If you want to learn more information, Schulich School of Business may be able to provide you with additional resources.

3) Customer relationships

There are no complicated prerequisites to getting it right with big data analytics because you only need to use the data that you’re already generating. Imagine analyzing the data that is locked away in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Point Of Sale (POS) or emails using big data tools? Such information can come in handy in helping your customer care reps respond quickly to your customers’ queries about shipping by checking out their details on the integrated systems. Good customer service that is efficient will improve the customer relationships your business develops with potential and existing customers.


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