5 Benefits of Pre-Stretched Stretch Films


To give you a better understanding of how a pre-stretched stretch films works, we are going to use a rubber band. When you stretch it out a little, there is a large amount of leftover left. This is the amount of resistance a traditional stretch film will give you. If you continue stretching the rubber band out, the amount of leftover left reduces. It is at this point that you will start comprehending the importance of a pre-stretched film. Once you apply it, you immediately notice less of the product goes further and, the strain is significantly less. Given that there are many stretch films in the market, Malpack stretch film is, however, the best product this market has to offer. Just test it out and see how effective it can be.

Before it is wound onto rolls, the stretch film is first stretched close to its ultimate breaking point. As a user, you get to have a different experience while using it because you won’t have to use a lot of energy when wrapping a product. In fact, you will use half the energy you would use with a standard film to achieve an equivalent wrapping force. And that is the primary reason why nowadays these stretch films are so famous for hand wrap. Some users have even stated that thanks to pre-stretched stretch films, we do not need machine applications to create a stable load. You can already see the benefits even without being told.

Easier to apply

The first thing you will notice as a consumer is how stable the load will be even without using much of the product. You will also have control and use less physical energy. During the application, you have the option of walking forward instead of backward thanks to lower torque requirements. You get to use less energy because there is little to absolutely no expansion needed. Of course, we cannot forget to mention that these stretch films are lighter than the typical ones and easier to manage. Simply put, you will have something that is half the thickness, and double the strength.

Film memory

After application, the stretch film will naturally tighten seeing as it is applied with little force. That is what is referred to as the film memory, and the tendency to tighten after it has been applied is the sole reason behind the pre-stretching stretch film.

No edge damage

No rolls are wasted while using these stretch films. Apart from the rolled edges, air has already been blown into the roll so that it can support the middle part from telescoping down. These two features have made it impossible to damage the rolled edge in case you drop it. You will have to throw away a standard stretch film if you drop it because the edge will be ruined.


If you do the math, the consumption is about half that of a traditional stretch film. So this gives you an opportunity to save approximately 25 to 40 percent.


By now you have probably realized that a standard stretch film does not give you a uniform expansion. Its performance is radically unpredictable, and this might result in an intermittent load failure. This is yet another reason why you should go for something much more controllable, that is, a pre-stretched stretch film.

Pre-stretched stretch films are different. They are not all similar. Look for a distributor who has the purchasing power and packaging expertise to let you in on the benefits or drawbacks of each type.


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