5 Stylish Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas


Living in large spaces, while convenient, can also be incredibly pricey. You may want to think that creating a large amount of space within a small one is impossible, but that is not true! You can turn a small room into a multifunctional and highly useful one with the right furniture and equipment.

But what about when you need to work from home but live in one small bedroom? There’s no need to worry! As we said, you are more than capable of making this work. Merging an office in with your bedroom to create a stylish and functional one can be quite challenging, though.

You will need to find the right design tips and multifunctional and right-sized furniture to help maximize your limited space. While taking functionality into account, you should also keep an eye on the overall look and feel of the room. After all, if you plan on working and living in the same room, you should ensure that you don’t get tired of your decor and surroundings.

Check out these stylish small-bedroom office combo ideas!

Idea #1: Multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a must-have to maximize the space in a small room. They serve a great purpose because they allow you to have various forms of useful furniture within one piece, thereby reducing the amount of space it takes up.

Sleeper sofas are highly recommended. This kind of sofa has a bed incorporated within its design. So, by buying one, you not only have a couch in your room by day but a bed in it by night. Most of the time, you’ll need to pull out the bed from the sofa under the cushioning. Hence, when you’re short on space, you can make your sofa stay in that form, rather than a bed, so it does not occupy as much!

Since this is a bedroom-come-office, a desk is a necessity. However, this protruding piece might also act as a space taker upper. Instead of buying a solo desk, you could purchase a shelf with a built-in, retractable desk! You can have your books and other items stored on the shelves, which acts as a useful, vertical storage space, and have the desk pulled out when you need to use it.

Additionally, much like the sleeper sofa, this creates more floor space as the multiple items of furniture cluttering won’t necessarily restrict your movement and lying around.

Idea #2: Vertical storage

You should try combining as many space-saving methods as possible when working and living in a small space. This includes setting up your room using vertical storage. Vertical storage takes up less horizontal space, granting you more access to move around in the room. It is especially beneficial to keep your vertical storage near walls so it does not obstruct the middle of the room.

You can place office supplies like stationery, files, books, etc. In this vertical storage, have them easily accessible to you! Shelves and wall-mounted desks are good options to keep in mind.

Idea #3: Room divider

Mixing your work with your home life can become an issue in the long run. Since you’ll be making them share a room, consider opting for a room divider to keep them apart when needed! These are extremely handy as they are much less expensive than having drywall built in.

A drywall would also make the already small room even smaller, perhaps creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. A room divider can be put up wherever and whenever you desire. So, if you ever need to hold meetings in your office, put up the divider to keep your personal belongings out of sight!

Idea #4: Keep your room organized

To keep your workplace professionally presented, aim to keep your room as organized as possible. This heightens the look of an office and allows you to live a clean and arranged lifestyle. Having two rooms combined into one can get messy, so keep track of not letting it get out of hand.

This would be especially disadvantageous to your work life, as having files and papers all around the room can create clutter, decreasing your motivation and increasing your stress. Buy some organizers and place them around the room so the whole place looks and feels put together!

Idea #5: Decor

Last but not least, decorate your room! Maintain a professional look since this is still your office and your bedroom, but have fun at the same time. Keeping plants in the room is a great way to liven it up and add colour, along with colour-changing lights.

Rugs can provide a cozy feel, and brighter yet neutral colours will open up the space while maintaining the room’s polished look.


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