5 Ways You Can Use Mascots for Marketing


Would you like to use a mascot to promote your company or team? If so, you can find various ways to make this happen. The following information can help you choose just the right mascots to represent your product, service, sports team, or product launch.

1. To Attract Local and National Attention

Companies that use mascots attract attention in a big way. Whether the mascot is animated or presents itself in the form of a costumed performer, you will get the same big results. Cartoon mascots provide a number of advantages over spokespersons or logos. One of these benefits is that they reduce risk. A celebrity might get into trouble, for example, which can negatively affect your marketing campaign. On the other hand, a product mascot is more likely to engender customer trust.

2. To Create a Timeless Symbol

When you use mascots to advertise or market, you can bring back the character time and again. Therefore, mascots are timeless symbols that do not fade out over time. In fact, some mascot symbols become stronger as time goes on. That is why this type of crowd-pleasing icon is well-received.

3. To Ensure Political Correctness

By using certain celebrity spokespersons, you can run into a problem with political correctness. You don’t have to worry about this concern when mascots are used. Both fantasy and animal mascots do not offend people or present problems with respect to cultural diversity.

You can use mascots to speak to your clients’ common needs in a positive way. In fact, the symbols add universal appeal, which is something that you don’t always receive with a logo or a spokesperson. For example, the logo you may be using may not be liked by certain cultures. You can avoid this type of mistake when you stick with a more common solution. If you would like more information, Hogtown Mascots has additional resources available.

4. To Build Strong Relations with Customers and Fans

By using mascots, a company can build a larger customer base on the universal and local appeal of its mascots. This holds especially true for schools. For instance, colleges that feature mascots often are well known locally and nationally. You can identify sports teams readily by the mascots that they present. You simply do not have this type of influence when you use other forms of marketing. Mascots ensure that your school, sports team, or company will influence the buying decisions or support you receive from local and national fans and customers.

5. To Build a Popular Reputation Across Various Media

When you use mascots, you can use the symbols across various media. Doing so presents a memorable and even amusing influence. Whether you use mascots online, in the newspaper, or in costume, they will be remembered in a good way. That means mores sales for your company or more team support for your school or athletic organization. By taking this stance, you will become a positive influence in your local community and across the nation and in the world. If you want to avoid conflict in the media, this is the way to do it.


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