6 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With The Predictive Index


The predictive index is a tool that basically helps employers to understand behaviors and personalities of people who might potentially be their employees. This tool is used because resumes and curriculum vitaes do not give the employer a proper understanding of the individuals ability to adapt to the work place as well as to be efficient in given scenarios that happen at work everyday. However, there are a number of mistakes that are made when it comes to the predictive index. Let us take a look.

1. You did not understand the traits that were desired

As a potential employee taking a predictive index test, the most important thing that you should do is look at the role you applied for and try to see the traits that are desired for that role. The biggest mistake that people make is answering those questions without understanding what is required of them by the employer. If you know the desirable traits, you can easily find your way through the questions.

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2. You have never taken a practice tests

Some of these predictive index tests can be found online for free. However, a very big mistake that people do is taking the actual test without ever having done any other for practice prior to that one.

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3. Extreme answers

While it is true that it is good to make a good impression, taking your answers to the extreme might actually be a form of self sabotage. For example, a marketer might fill their answers to show that they are extremely sociable. A programmer on the other hand is supposed to show this on a different scale but not to the point where they look like isolationists. Make sure you balance your answers to avoid hurting your chances.

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4. You overlooked some spot control questions

You will find some questions that ask you whether you agree, disagree, are neutral to, or strongly disagree with some given facts. “ I have never lied to save myself from losing a job”. This is an examples of a statement that you will find. You cannot strongly agree with this statement because it will show that some of your answers may be false as you must have lied before.

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5. Read carefully

Most people are either in a hurry or very nervous when answering questions. This is to the point where they answer differently to two similar questions that only contained different wordings. The reason why this is done is to see to it that there is level of consistency in your answers.

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6. You tried to cheat

There are some tests that would allow you to cheat. A predictive inndex test is not one of them. You can not beat this test by faking a personality. Even if you do get the job, it will only be the begin of your self sabotage.

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