How to Find the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Platform


As your online business grows, it’s important to harness the power of managed hosting and data centre management. The right managed cloud hosting provider offers you plenty of resources and solutions that meet your every need. This is why it’s important in this crowded market to find the right data centre network that offers the IT solutions your growing business really needs.

As you search for the perfect fit for your specific requirements, you should be wary of any hidden costs and make sure you get your own space and tools to handle your work. Similarly, infrastructure management and managed hosting both are two of the features you need to consider.

1. Features and Capabilities
A data centre network that started business last week is not the kind of company to inspire a lot of confidence. On the other hand a data centre management provider that has a long history of success, lots of happy clients, and plenty of features and IT solutions to offer sounds like the right company for you. Do they offer great customer service and do they have a team of experts and their presence in the market is stable? Then that’s what you need.

2. Commitment and transparency
Some data centre network services demand a certain level of commitment from their clients. This might be problematic for your business if later you decide you want to move to another provider. So you really need freedom and transparency from the managed hosting. Also make sure you can discontinue the service at any time you want.

3. Security and Protection
With the threat of hacking at an all time high, the infrastructure management needs to offer top notch protection against viruses, malicious ware, and unauthorized access. Not just that, but just as important is having regular backup. Security updates should be applied automatically. It’s not your job to search for and install new security patches. All of this should be automated by the IT solutions.

4. Up Time
The data centre network should tell you in advance about their infrastructure setup and their up-time guarantees. In case of a cloud failure they should have backup mechanisms in place that ensure an offline version of your website is available to users until the servers are back online again. Also inquire about flexible cloud resizing in case your business needs to expand and grow. This is the right time to ask about shared cloud hosting versus dedicated cloud hosting.

5. Reviews
As part of your research of the company you also need to check what people are saying about them. Not just the satisfied testimonials on their website, but Google and Yelp reviews. Online forums offer a unique insight into what past and present clients think of the services the company offers. Performance issues, legal matters and how good is their customer service. These are all things to look for.

6. Customer Support
How fast the data centre management responds to your inquiries and helps fix any issues you have is an important factor when choosing the right provider. Do they have someone to call any time? Do they offer a system to create tickets and get back to you quickly? Without these features you might be wasting a lot of time getting issues solved. Better yet if they have a hotline and emails you can reach them through.


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