6 Tips for Decreasing Your Shipping Costs


Shipping costs can be extremely expensive, especially for small businesses. If your small business only needs to ship a limited amount of items every month, avoid costly shipping costs by following these simple tips:


One of the key factors in reducing shipping costs is research. Small companies must do research to figure out which shipping companies offer the most cost-effective shipping solutions.

Take into consideration the types of packages that you will be shipping along with the shipping time frames that you require. Some companies may charge more for faster shipping times than other companies.

Do they Pickup Packages?

Companies that offer pickup services may be more cost-effective for your business. Having employees run to the post office or shipping company to drop a package in the mail takes time and costs more money.

If the company does offer pickup services, make sure that they don’t tack on additional charges. Many specialty shipping companies will offer free pickup services.

Shipping Tools are Helpful

Many companies offer a variety of shipping tools on their website to help you determine how much the shipping will cost. Pay special attention to how much they charge for different sizes of packages.

Many people use packaging and boxes that are too big for the items they intend to ship. In the end, this practice can cost them extra money in shipping charges. These tools are vital to those looking to reduce their shipping costs. If you notice that the box you plan to use is too big for your items, attempt to find a smaller box or optimize your packaging.

Negotiate Rates With Your Carriers

If you have multiple carriers that you use for different reasons, attempt to negotiate prices with all of them. This is a good way to create competition between the shipping companies and may benefit you in the end.

If you ship a specific volume of packages per month, ask your shipping company if they offer discounts on bulk shipping. You may find that some companies offer large discounts if you use them as your exclusive shipper and can guarantee a minimum number of packages per month.

Discounted Shipping Supplies

Instead of going to your local shipping supply store, try to purchase your supplies online in bulk. Most companies will offer shipping supplies in large quantities at wholesale prices to businesses who order with them on a consistent basis.

Another great way to save money on shipping supplies is to recycle supplies that are found around your office. The best example of this are boxes. Boxes are easily reusable because they are usually left in good condition and are easy enough to store.

Reduce Extra Handling Charges

Shipping fragile items can incur a variety of handling charges. Try to find a shipping company that doesn’t charge extra when you put a “fragile” sticker on the outside of your box.

If you need your package shipped overnight, it’s best to drop it off at the company’s physical location. Having them pick up a package for expedited delivery will push your shipping costs through the roof.


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