7 Shocking Misconceptions We Have About Movers


The moving industry is taking a lot of hits due to the many myths and misconceptions that surround it. And you find that most of these myths aren’t even true and are just meant to soil the name of the moving company.  Being a home owner you will hear a lot of myths about movers. The best place to get your facts right about moving and movers would be at the Edmonton movers. So, basically, every homeowner thinks that moving is a hectic job which requires a lot of time and resources dedicated to it. And that alone can make a good number of homeowners avoid to move or relocate. They would rather brave long distances to work than opt to move to homes closer to their jobs. Here are some of the shocking myths that have circled home movers and relocators.

1. All movers who operate are licensed

Not true. In fact, you find that a significant number of movers who operate are unlicensed. And that can end up causing the homeowners great problems. You never really know whether you are hiring burglars to help move your stuff to your new home. Basically, you are parading your stuff for them to choose whether you are worth robbing or not.

Licensed movers will always have insurance, driver’s license, etc. And you will also always notice absolute professionalism in the way they handle themselves.

2. Employee background check

Not all moving companies do background checks on the people they hire to move your stuff. Some do shallow checks which anyone can easily bypass, even convicts or felons which can put you, the homeowner, and your property at great risk.

3. Long-distance movers are all created equal

All long-distance movers must have specialized licenses awarded to them which allows them to transport stuff over long distances. They get these licenses from the DOT. You need to find a long distance moving company that offers flat-rate prices plus guaranteed moving dates.

4. Movers are responsible for any damages

By law, the moving companies are only responsible for $0.60/lb/article of damages to your items during the transit. The best moving companies can go as far as even offer full replacement value coverage for your items if they get damaged. But it is important to note that not all movers will be responsible for all the damages your stuff endure during the moving process.

5. All movers are shady

Not true. The moving industry has really suffered from actions by untrustworthy companies and scammers who end up ruining the industry’s reputation. There are actually trustworthy and great moving companies that offer great services out there. You just need to do ample research to land yourself one.

6. Moving companies are disorganized

As mentioned earlier, if you had some kind of bad experience with one moving company or two, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them are disorganized or shady or anything like that. In fact, some movers are pretty organized. Others have even adapted the use of technology in their systems which make things run a lot smoother and with less human error.

7. Moving companies are too expensive

Not true. Moving companies are, in fact, usually the better option to go for when moving your things from one location to another. When you factor in things like cost and distance and compare them with other modes of moving, you will think the same.


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