7 Web Hosting Mistakes You Should Avoid


Since its inception, the internet has taken the world by storm and everything now seems to be developing more rapidly than ever before. And you find that more people are now rushing in to start their own blogs and hope to make some money out of it. However many don’t know anything about managed hosting.

You also need to know that bad web hosting can have a very negative effect on your total search rankings. It can also end up wasting your money, your hard work, and any other resources you might have invested in the whole idea. Ultimately, it will affect your overall online authority.

So, to ensure that none of these actually happen, you need to keep reading this article and ensure you avoid all of these mistakes.

1. Starting with the cheapest or free web hosting services

This is usually the initial step towards your downfall and the collapse of your brilliant idea to start your own blog or website. Most people will always end up picking the wrong type of website and this is usually based entirely on the pricing of the service. You can try and hold back a little while if you feel your budget is your bottleneck. Get enough cash and buy a package you can afford and is decent enough to provide you with some good services.

2. Not all big-name web hosts will work for you

The big-name web hosting service providers are good to have a look at first as they have been in the business for some time, have the relevant experience and reputation to go with their services as well. But you may end up getting so blindsided by their success that you fail to realize that the web hosting services won’t really suit your business needs.

3. Not reading through the given terms and conditions

Many people never really give a hoot about the terms of service of the web host providers they are subscribing to and this usually ends up being their downfall. Ensure you read carefully the terms of service of the web host provider you want to subscribe to before you make any deals or agreements.

4. Enlisting to a web host that doesn’t have live support

The quality of support service should also be a key feature you need to look into before you sign up for any service. Only enlist with a web hosting provider that has a support team always on standby and ready to support and guide you through any issues you might have with the web hosting service.

5. Looking for unlimited web hosts

People will always get attracted to the unlimited plans. Again, here is where the need to emphasize that you read through the terms of service and fair usage policy thoroughly before you fall prey to these hosting sites.

6. Not checking hosting reviews

You also need to check the hosting service’s reviews and see how other customers are talking about it, whether they are satisfied with the services or not. Reviews can mean a lot when it comes to looking for the best hosting service.

7. Not fully grasping the SEO implications that come with web hosting

You also need to know that hosting problems can also kill your overall SEO efforts. When you consider other factors as well as slow site speed and database connection errors. With internal server errors, prolonged runtime errors, and exceeded bandwidth limit, you may even end up having Google de-index you.

8. Signing up for longer periods

It is highly recommended that you only sign up for web hosting services that offer one-year subscriptions if you are a starter in this field and see how things go throughout the year. Some services don’t have guaranteed money-back after you pay for them.

9. Dealing with a new hosting company

You will notice how the new companies offer large discounts on their services. Chances are, you may be duped by these enticing offers. For one, the new hosting company doesn’t have any experience in the business. Then you hear that they close down soon after they run out of server space leaving you stranded.


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