A Beginner’s Guide to IT Management and Monitoring Software


If you’ve experienced even one incident of network failure you know how crucial it is to keep your IT infrastructure operational at all times. In order to catch small issues before they become big problems, the entire network must be constantly monitored. IT professionals know that IT management software must be an integral part of overall IT systems.

Disconnected system management
Some Canadian businesses deploy an overly-complicated monitoring system that requires greater time and effort to administer. Many of these infrastructure tools merely report on the status of underlying hardware or churn out endless, inscrutable logs on network traffic. A team of specialized network pros has to be dedicated to technical support, and identified issues managed through help desk software. Network teams often represent a technical silo independent from the rest of the IT department, with the result that network monitoring and performance improvements can be difficult to carry out.

In fact, today’s network monitoring systems make the whole process simpler with software that allows automated setup in even highly complex infrastructures.

Remote Management and Monitoring
RMM tools offered by providers often use agent technology allowing direct control over multiple applications within a system. Remote agents have the ability to connect regardless of firewall, VPN, or configuration issues in order to fix issues without the need of logging in to specific components. Other staff can focus on other projects while a single network admin is able to monitor the entire network and take advantage of automated reporting for tracking and reporting on network issues.

Network monitoring software
The ideal IT monitoring platform will include all of the following concepts:

Integration: In a fully integrated system, every component – routers, servers, workstations, peripherals, etc. – becomes an element in a unified system. Automated onboarding covers the entire network without the need for manually adding devices. Communication between any one computer and all other network elements is monitored and tracked so that your infrastructure is monitored as a whole and nothing gets overlooked.

Productivity: Any organization will see improved productivity when network issues are easily identified and quickly resolved. When any issue appears, quality network monitoring software will quickly detect the problem, instantly alert IT personnel, and track the problem to it’s resolution for future reference. This diligent monitoring helps prevent data loss and downtime that can seriously impact productivity essential to competing in Canada’s modern commerce.

Efficiency: Network management software that represents an integrated and comprehensive solution streamlines IT management to save time and money by immediately focusing attention on problems as they occur. The inefficiency of different teams managing only certain components or departments is eliminated through automated maintenance.


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