5 Best Ways to Clean Office Stains


An office workstation is the one place that is prone to many different spillages. Every office manager or supervisor will always want to have his/her offices looking pristine and clean at all times. Office cleaning is not an easy job. As there are many ways in which stains van find their ways into your office stations. And the most commonly affected area in the workstation is the office floor and carpets. It is an inevitable event that your office will be stained at one point or another. The only step that you can take to counter this is to try and minimize the degree with which the stains occur. Here are some of the most common office stains that you are most likely to encounter in your office workplace.

1. Gum Stains

In as much as gum stains are not as common in the office workplace, they are more challenging to manage. Say a piece of gum falls on the office carpet and the office workers step on it. The gum will stick to the carpet to the point that removing it will be a problem. Some office workers also have this habit of sticking used gum under office seats and desks. When the gum sticks and dries in these spots, they can be tough to scrape off.

2. Coffee Stains

Coffee stains may as well be the most common type of stain in the office workplace. Most office employees bring their morning coffee with them to work and more often a time, end up spilling that coffee. The only way to completely eradicate this spillage is to stop your employees from bringing coffee with them to their workplaces. And this is no easy task.

3. Bloodstains

Blood may be the last stain you would expect in an office. But facts have it that blood is another one of the typical office stains. If you look hard enough, you are bound to find some blood stains on your workstations. Blood stains can occur as a result of nosebleeds or accidental cuts and scrapes. So, in as much as such incidences occur in a workplace, they still happen. And you need to know how to clean this type of stain lest you end up with blood stains all over your office. Not to mention the fact that your clients will totally freak out when they see the blood stains.

4. Wall Stains

Office walls are also prone to a lot of stains. These are the first noticeable areas in an office. Thus, any kind of stain on the walls will be quickly noticeable. Walls get stained when employees touch them or spill things like coffee on them. Either way, you need to be on top of that situation and always keep your walls clean to maintain your business’s reputation.

5. Pen ink stains

Every office will have a leaky or faulty pen once in a while. Pen ink stains don’t do too much damage when appropriately cleaned. But they can be a menace especially since they are also quite common within a workplace.


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