6 Steps to Improve Better Business Solutions


One of the historical and practical pieces of advice with regards to running a small business is “Physician, heal thyself”. Small businesses still need effective business management consulting so as to function effectively. A business and implementation consultant will help in identifying the problems and providing solutions, hence it will allow for a faster and constant business performance improvement in the business.  Having experience in fixing business problems is very valuable to any business owner. Such skills help you in thinking like your consultant hence coming up with faster business solutions.

The following steps will help you in coming up with faster effective solutions for your business or company:

  1. Listing Your Problem

The best way to come up with a solution is identifying the problem. What problems plague your business will give you an idea of the most effective business solution that will prove to be both affordable and get the best results. The best place to know about the external problems affecting your business would be customer reviews and surveys. Internal problems are much easier to identify and solve within a short time. Once you are able to bemoan the biggest issues with your problem then you start working on creating effective solutions to the problems.

  1. Picking One Problem

When it comes to problem-solving, you can never multitask. You have only one opportunity to solve one problem at a time. Pick the most important and demanding problem and then work on it. Look at all the possible options for solving this problem. Remember that you are looking for a permanent fix or a long-term solution to the problem, even if it’s costly.

  1. Are you fixing the correct problem?

As you try to come up with an effective business management solution, don’t be the doctor who gives you a heart medicine to treat a stomach ache. The major challenge with solving business problems that small business owners experience is trying to fix the wrong problem with the correct solution. You might think that your low sales will be solved by pushing the salespeople more, however, it might be that the marketing team isn’t effective. Make sure the business solution is the missing puzzle to the business problem. Some of the issues that play an important role in coming up with the correct business solution for a business problem are:

  • Understanding the target market
  • Reaching out to your customers
  • Understanding customer preferences, tastes, and trends.
  • Product and service delivery
  • Testimonials and referrals are very important.
  1. Properly diagnose the problem before solving.

After knowing that you have the correct business problem, then the next step would be to fully understand every aspect of the problem. Look for the root cause of the problem by asking yourself “Why is this occurring?” This will involve getting to the root cause of the problem.  After that, you can come up with an effective plan that will involve coming up with a business solution. When developing the solutions make sure the business solution has the ability to solve the problem permanently and prevent future occurrences of the problem.

  1. Outsourcing the correct expertise needed to solve the problem

This is where the importance of business management consulting services cannot be ignored. Have an expert to come and look at the problem before you commit yourself to the business solution you have thought about.  Don’t be tempted to use cost as the main determining factor, it’s like picking the cheapest surgeon for a heart surgery. Be willing to pay an expert so as long as you are sure that they will provide you with the best services. The best trick is to pay once to solve a problem permanently instead, if you want to minimize the cost of hiring the expertise, then, do most of the work of solving the business problem on your own.

  1. Making the business solution stick.

You recall the point about coming up with a long-term or permanent solution to a business problem, it simply means making the business solution you use to stick. Look at the long-term effectiveness of the solution, long-term means more than 10 years. Some small businesses are so much impressed by a business solution that they forget to check how long the solution will be applicable to the problem in the long run. Look for a business solution that can still remain relevant despite the changes in trends and preferences and also withstand the test of time. In short, the best business solution is supposed to have an infinite life with maximum flexibility.



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