Breaking Through Cloud Computing


One of the things that make cloud computing interesting is that it is simple and complicated at the same time. At its core cloud computing is simple. The operating system can be separated from the hardware. This is done through a process called virtualization. Virtualization can be defined as running separate operating systems at the same time on one or more hardware. When several different servers are used as one unit for redundancy through the virtualization process, is known as cloud computing. Cloud service can be done on premise or by involving a third party. A combination of both is called hybrid cloud service. Hybrid cloud computing is the fastest growing segment; therefore, a secure hybrid cloud environment is becoming more and more imperative.

The Way of the Future

The next natural question will be “why is hybrid cloud services becoming more popular?” There are several reasons for this. Improvements in security are a big one. Data that requires more security will be stored on private servers, while the rest can go on public servers. This splitting of duties allows for a more secure cloud service. Next on the list is, decrease in security spending. This is a natural by-product of splitting more important data and less important data from public to private hardware. The third reason is faster data transfer. When essential data is stored on private servers, and the rest on a public, it can be released at a faster rate. Finally, there is scalability. This is achieved by only paying for what you use. Another name for this is dynamic provisioning because the customer only leases the required number of servers and changes per the need of the moment. If more servers are needed, then more can be leased. For a business that is growing this is a great option. Customers also get good reliability to boot. More information can be obtained by visiting Carbon60 Networks.

Hybrid Management

Cloud computing is a managed service or a managed hosting service. However, even with hybrid cloud services, it is possible to get two types of services. Either the cloud service provider manages only the public cloud service portion or the service provider can manage both the public as well as the private cloud. It all comes down to cost and what the customer is willing to pay for. For small scale businesses who don’t have the manpower, a fully managed hybrid cloud service may be the best option. At the end of the day, one thing for sure is that no matter what type of cloud service is used, it is the best option for redundancy. Never again will the IT staff worry about losing data, just because a server or computer stopped working.


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