How to Work with a Commercial Litigation Lawyer


Factors To Consider Before Signing A Contract With A Commercial Litigation Lawyer

You are just getting ready for a legal battle and you feel like you can do it all by yourself because you do not think that it is necessary to get into a contract with a litigation lawyer. Well whichever way you decide to look at it, you actually do need a litigation lawyer because they have the kind of expertise needed to go before a jury to make a case. There are a few factors that you might however want to consider first before signing a contract with a commercial litigation lawyer.

 1. What is their take on the case?

Well to begin with, you cannot have someone who does not think you have a case representing you. They need to know that you actually stand a chance of winning. Understand however that the only thing that they can offer you upon inquiry is a professional opinion. They can never actually tell you how the case will go but they can draw the scenarios for you so if you have been assured that you will win then that is not the right lawyer for you.

 2. What’s their specialty?

This is the first thing you should actually consider before you sign a contract. Sure, he or she is a commercial litigation lawyer but it would make very little sense if you hired someone whose specialty is in personal injury to represent you during a divorce battle. If you make the right inquiries you will find your way to an attorney who might actually be relevant to your case.

3. Track record

When it comes to law, there is nothing as important as a track record. You need to know just how many cases they have won as compared to those they have lost. You have so much to lose so don’t be afraid to ask a litigation lawyer about their losses and wins. They should be able to disclose this information.

4. Costs involved

This is a very important factor that you will have to establish before you choose to proceed. Find out whether you will have to pay retainer fees and keep covering the cost as the case proceeds or if you will not have to pay and the fees will be contingent upon a number of factors.

5. Communication

It is necessary that before you sign a contract with a commercial litigation lawyer, you get to understand how they best communicate. It will probably not be good for you if you will have to keep looking for your lawyer to give you updates on the case. Communication is a key aspect in any legal battle. You need to be fully aware of what’s going on.


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