How to Design Packaging for a New Product


If your business packaging does not make a successful great first impression with a target customer, you will find it incredibly difficult selling to new items. Although you can opt for cheap, generic business packaging, custom designs allow you to do more. An eye-catching, bold design will get you noticed whether your product is coming by mail or set on a shelf.

There are many ways you can make homemade business packaging, but the results are understandably not that amazing-looking. A home-printed label and sticking it on a box like a sticker is easy and cheap, but it doesn’t communicate the sort of professionalism you want. Business packaging should be designed by an agency, service, or team who knows their stuff. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t grasp what you want or have certain creative preferences. However, the right materials and designs will make your packaging look the best it possibly can.

Follow this guide on how to design packaging for a new product:

Packaging shape design

The right shape for your business packaging can be fairly standard. You want to ensure the packaging for your new product can stack alright on a shelf or in a delivery truck and isn’t awkwardly shaped. Many customers will be expecting a rectangular or box-like shape. In terms of eye-catching packaging, it’s more about what you put on it rather than having an attention-grabbing shape.

Packaging color design

Colour is an easy way to reflect your brand and your vibe. You don’t have to use a lot, either. Minimalism is preferable over maximalism in business packaging. A basic cardboard packaging box with a little bit of colour, divided as dots, lines, or sections, can mean a lot in terms of catching the eye. There are dozens of ways to have your packaging stand out with colour along.

Minimalistic packaging

As this is business packaging, you want to keep your custom boxes relatively simple, uncluttered, and to the point. This is a necessity. That said, around this sort of uncluttered design, you can do many different things to make it something special. The graphics and writing you use ensure enough space for each element to easily see, read, or interpret.

A simple design makes it easy for a consumer to instantly understand what they’re looking at. They will decide whether the new item is something that they want to open or avoid.

Packaging accessories

Custom tape is a great way to accessorize product packaging of any kind. It instantly brands a package with whatever colour, graphics, and information you need. All sorts of patterns can be used with tape and stickers in combination with colours and patterns you may already have on your packaging. Working with an experienced graphic designer can help craft a more layered look that upholds simplicity but still attracts the eye.

Packaging font design

In the vein of minimalism, instead of adding a ton of images and logos on your business packaging, it’s more stylish and efficient to add a very simple logo and writing. A tag line. A sentence. Something meaningful. Choosing the right font and font spacing for this is also very important. You want to ensure it has the tone and feels your target audience appreciates.

Packaging tone design

If you want your packaging to look different, you don’t want to do it at the expense of the consumer. The tone of your design can be upscale and luxury, vintage and trendy, rustic, eco-friendly, sleek and professional, family-friendly, or something even more targeted. The tone of design should match your target audience. Ideally, you are looking for a consumer to see your business packaging and subconsciously think, “That fits perfectly to my style.”

Packaging gifts

Almost 45% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand again if that brand has gift-like product packaging. Imagine the different ways you can make your business packaging more special by treating it like a gift. What sort of writing would you put on it. How would you present what’s inside the box? You might have a second box inside, sections, or packing materials like shredded, coloured paper to add something extra.

Layered boxes

A way to craft a very unique, luxury-like presentation is to layer a few boxes within the same packaging. Most business packaging is not simply a product inside a box. A pull-out box. A bag containing the product inside of an outer box. Multiple boxes inside the main external box packaging instead of using a separator. Layered boxes can cost a little extra due to the material but help create a more professional-level presentation.



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