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In an age where almost every person on the planet uses a computer, online marketing has made a massive impact in the advertising world. By using google ads, businesses of all sizes can now promote offers to pinpoint-targeted audiences of their choosing. For business owners, it is important to understand the extreme value of using Google ads, and how Google can help a business get tons of traffic to their website.

There are mainly two sides of Google ads. There is Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

Google Adwords is how a business gets its advertisements to show up in a Google search page. When an Internet user searches for specific keywords, related ads show up in the search results. The business is only charged for the ad if the user clicks on it. This is called pay-per-click advertising or PPC.

Google Adsense has to do with content marketing instead of search marketing. This means that ads are shown on websites such as blogs. This is also PPC marketing, so when Internet users are visiting these websites, and they click an ad, the owner of that ad campaign is charged. The difference with Google Adsense is that the owner of the website gets a percentage of the money paid for each ad click. This is one of the most popular ways that bloggers generate income with their blogs. Ads made with Google Adwords can be used with search results or used with websites that are running Google Adsense.

When a business wants to run an ad campaign, they sign up for Google ad words. They can write different ads and run split tests to see which ones perform the best. The business then assigns these ads to keywords and keyword phrases. When someone searches for those specific keywords, there is an automatic bid between any businesses that want their ad to be viewed. The winning bids are displayed. Therefore, for every ad, the business needs to decide what their maximum bid price is.

How often an ad is clicked also effects how often that ad is displayed. Ads that get clicked more win bids against ads with the same maximum bid. A single click can cost anywhere from a few cents to twenty dollars and up. This usually depends on the competitiveness of certain keywords, which can be checked by Google’s keyword research tool. The keyword research tool can also be used to suggest other search phrases for your ad, as well as give important stats about each keyword phrase.

When running Google ads, you can target who sees them by location such as country or even city. You can also have the ads only run at certain times of the day when you think it will be most beneficial. Also, many businesses get incredibly cheap advertising by also bidding on misspellings of their chosen keywords. The misspelled words usually have little to no competition, but are still typed in some searches.

Running ads through Google can be extremely valuable and is essential for anyone who does business online.


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